The PRP Clinic ® was set up in 2017 in Mons by Dr Maria Theodorou and is the Belgian reference centre for regenerative medicine using Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment.

The PRP Clinic ® has its premises within the Belgian Center of Odontology Surgery and Medicine (Bcosm). The young, dynamic team is always attentive to the needs patients and cares for you in calm, professional surroundings.

The medical specialists who provide treatment at the PRP Clinic ® are trained to a very high level. Dr Theodorou stays at the cutting-edge of PRP technology and is an expert in the various injection techniques.

The PRP Clinic ® is committed to providing professional, safe and effective care. PRP Clinic ® treatments use only the highest quality materials, which comply with legislation and European standards (medical CE marking). Like the treatment itself, this choice of materials ensures the success of the treatment.

About Dr Theodorou

Dr Theodorou qualified at ULB, the Free University of Brussels, specialising in General Internal Medicine. While studying for her Masters, Dr Theodorou also attended the CNME (National Aesthetic Medicine Centre) in Paris to gain a second specialisation in non-surgical aesthetic medicine. This was where, in 2009, she first discovered PRP treatment. Dr Theodorou has also received private training in Germany from the top experts, to perfect her knowledge of regenerative medicine.

Her extensive experience guarantees the success of the treatments. Reinforced by her very wide medical knowledge, she has a broad-based approach to patients and always offers personalised treatment.

She is a member of the Belgian Society of Aesthetic Medicine and is recognised as a PRP specialist in Belgium, participating in conferences as a speaker and appearing on television and radio.