Whether you’re an amateur or professional athlete, you’re at risk of sports injuries. Even a torn muscle or tendon takes a long time to heal and may require surgery. And of course, surgery can be catastrophic for a career sports-person. Pain, scars, adhesions, prolonged immobilisation, muscle wasting and rehabilitation all delay your return to full fitness. Joint pain is also common and is a sign of local inflammation, which may in time destroy the cartilage and lead to arthritis.

Regenerative medicine and the PRP Clinic ® can help sports-people at all levels. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a powerful tissue stimulant, which speeds up the cell healing process. This 100% natural treatment allows the injured area to heal in just a few sessions. PRP is not considered a doping substance and is therefore permitted by sports authorities.

The treatment harnesses the power of your own platelets. They are a huge reservoir of growth factors, which act on the cells being treated, rather like a key turning in a lock. This activates a series of repair and healing mechanisms. PRP is a unique medicine that works naturally on a large number of muscle, tendon or joint problems.

The platelets are simply drawn from your blood, in a straightforward treatment procedure, and placed in tubes which are centrifuged to separate out the platelets together with their natural medium, plasma (platelet-rich plasma). This technique involves no synthetic products, so there is practically no risk of allergies or rejection.

At the PRP Clinic ®, injections of PRP are always given by a medical specialist. PRP Clinic ® treatments use only the highest quality materials, which comply with legislation and European standards (medical CE marking). Only a medical specialist is authorised to carry out this treatment.

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